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My work with Animals Asia involved planning and executing the digital strategy behind key fundraising campaigns. Managing paid and organic social media, and also email marketing, to advertise to audiences, and, creating a mix of inspiring content of imagery and video to front our campaigns.

Facebook Desktop Advertising
Facebook Mobile Advertising
Instagram Advertising
Twitter Advertising

As a not-for-profit organisation, Animals Asia did not have a large budget to spend on advertising. Marketing through social media however required a smaller spend compared to most other types of advertising, and proved time and time again to be the best return on investment.

This Facebook post is a classic example of some of the low cost per conversions that can be achieved through paid social advertising. 


With a total spend of £17.41: the post was shown to 9,607 people, 97 of those people then clicked through to our donation page, and then 31 of those made a donation.


This resulted in a cost per conversion of just £0.56. 

Combining data from email and social, I was able to precisely target different audiences. 

Just look at the data here from another fundraising campaign we ran on Facebook - targeting four different advert sets with our creative, we were able to reap some incredible donations (labelled as purchases here).

The targeting involved exporting data from our email supporter database and importing this into Facebook. Also, creating custom audiences on Facebook - as you can see here, 'EngagedOnFB' provided the most conversions and the lowest cost-per-conversion - and this was a custom audience of all people who had engaged with the Animals Asia Facebook page in the last 30 days.

1. 'EngagedOnFB' = People who had engaged with the Animals Asia Facebook page in the last 30 days.

2. 'Lookalike' = People who's profile 'looks like' a list of Animals Asia's actual donors.


3. 'PetitionSigners' = People who had signed a petition by Animals Asia in the past.


4. 'Targeted' = People who liked Facebook pages that were similar to Animals Asia's.

This precise targeting provided some very low cost per conversion rates. This campaign in total made 499 purchases through these Facebook adverts - with a cost per donation of £0.77. And, on average, each donation was $44. So, a fantastic return on investment. 

Check out the below video I produced for #GivingTuesday - using only iMovie as the video editing software I had available.


Animals Asia videos by Bude Website Design
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These are just a few examples of my work during my time at Animals Asia. Thanks for reading.


Want to see more? Why not check out some my work at Bude Website Design...

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