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I set up Bude Website Design in 2017, I had been supporting friends and family for some time creating websites, graphics and other services, and I felt there was enough of a demand to make a living offering these services. Plus I wanted to enjoy a little career freedom, the ability to work from home, and work whilst travelling!

I set up my website and social media channels, organised a bit of content marketing with local press publications to spread the word, and I picked up work pretty quickly.

After a couple of years, I decided to return to work - first part-time whilst juggling my freelance work, then later going full-time with Specsavers - which is when I thought I'd dissolve Bude Website Design. It was fun, but for me, you can't beat the consistency and peace of mind that comes with a full-time employed role.

You can view some of my work in the gallery below.


It's all very well having nice designs, but if they don't function then they aren't serving their purpose. I've added a little case study below where I've been able to measure the success of my marketing efforts.


My work with Bude Gym involved a total website design refresh, new logo, and work on their search engine optimisation - ensuring their website was listed at the top of Google search before their competitors. SEO is often overlooked, but it's a crucial part of digital marketing - the overwhelming majority of search engine users click on one of the top 5 websites listed on the first page of Google search.


Previously, Bude Gym had been ranked as low down as #9 on the first page of Google for their target keywords ('Bude Gym', 'Gyms in Bude', etc).

They are now, on average, listed as #2! Just beneath Fusion Fitness. This is as a result of our meticulous efforts to strengthen the site's search engine optimisation (SEO). And you can see how this has impacted site visits.

In addition, I worked to optimise the content on the Google Business page, and this resulted in a number 1 ranking on Google business listings. Bude gym had previously been as low down as rank 8.


This has had a dramatic effect on Google Business search referralls - these visits are up 90% from the past 90 days*. 

*All data from this case study was taken in 2019.

These are just a few examples of my work during my time freelancing with Bude Website Design. Thanks for taking the time to have a look. Want to see more? Why not check out some my work at BSTC...

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