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From 2019 to early 2021, I'd been employed as a Social Media Manager at Specsavers. Not managing the consumer social channels though - looking after the in-house recruitment social media channels, which - at time of writing - possess over 66,000 followers.

Using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram to attract and recruit skilled professionals across the UK and Ireland. Including optometrists, audiologists, ophthalmic technicians and more. Achieved through both paid and organic strategic campaigns, both long-term and reactive. Have a look at some of my work below.


I prepared a series of organic posts to go out over December to coincide with some offline Graduate Recruitment activity. The Graduate team had just completed talks at UK Universities running Optometry courses in efforts to attract students to complete their Pre-Registration training with Specsavers in 2022.


Below you can find an example of the first in the series, I prepared the copy and designed the graphics (to suit all channel dimensions, including LinkedIn posts and Stories, Instagram feed posts and Stories, Facebook feed and Stories, and Tweets for Twitter). We tagged the Universities and some University Optometry groups to encourage sharing and increase reach.

Picture 1.png-2.png
Picture 1.png-1.png


I prepared the below paid adverts to go out in July 2020 in a bid to recruit some of the Boots staff at risk of redundancy as a result of the COVID crisis. Creating both the graphics and the text, then adding tracking on the links to the website so that we were able to track all traffic and actions. These ads went out across Facebook and LinkedIn, targeting all current Boots staff with the job titles we required - in this case, optometrists and audiologists.

Picture 1.png


I created the below advert to go out in November in a bid to recruit audiologists UK-wide. This went out across Facebook and LinkedIn.


From designing the graphic, to imagining the headline and writing the text, to organising the social targeting, and coding the landing page on our CRM system. Being able to put together the entire user journey myself means that I can have projects like these live - from concept to published - within hours. 


Seeing projects from start to finish is what I love most about my work. 

Screenshot 2021-01-12 at 12.03.57.png

These really are just a few examples of my work during my time at Specsavers, if you would like to see more, and to see the results of these campaigns, please don't hesitate to ask, drop me a line.


In the meantime, check out the below gallery of some of the social posts created whilst at Specsavers.

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