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I was really lucky to be accepted for an internship at the London headquarters of PETA UK (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) back in 2014. I worked at the organisation for 3 months, researching and preparing comments and press releases, updating the press mailer database, sharing ideas for campaigns.

As an avid animal lover, it was a dream to be working for the most famous animal rights organisation in the world. It was also one of my first post-uni stints in an office environment, so it was great for me career-wise to secure this experience, which opened doors for me and inevitably led to my later employment at the RSPCA.

One proud moment during my time at PETA: when the UK was celebrating the birth of three sumatran tiger cubs at London Zoo, was researching the zoo's history and finding examples of negligence that led to the death of a sumatran cub just six months previously.


We used the evidence to prepare a comment for press and shared it with media contacts across the UK, and this helped change the tune of the news of the cubs birth, leading news outlets like the BBC, Independent, Guardian and Evening Standard to question just how ethical it is to keep animals in zoos.

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My internship with PETA was pretty early on in my career and I don't have many other examples of work to share, why not check out some of my later work at the RSPCA?

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